New Roof Installation One of the main questions that homeowners tend to ask is whether or not a new roof might add some additional value to their homes. While your old roof might still be strong enough to fend off storm and wind damage for at least several more years, it’s usually a good idea to get a new roof if you plan on selling your home.   The most obvious advantages of a new roof are the practical ones. Unlike a basic, older roof that might even be slightly damaged, a new roof carries a lot of weight in terms of providing adequate protection. Not only is it sturdier and built from materials or using techniques that might not have been available 20-30 years ago when your old roof was built, but it can also be fitted with upgrades such as cutting edge roof coating.   There are many other reasons why buyers might like the idea of buying a house with a new roof. Curb appeal is one of them, since a new roof will look much better and brighter than an old one – even one that was fairly well-kept. Another one is that most of the newer roofing systems available today with installation by a Lansing roofing company, is a clear indication that your home is up to speed with the latest building codes and standards, which is something that all aspiring buyers look forward to.
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