Keep Your Roof Safe Ask Questions You might like it when everything outside is covered in sparkling white powder snow and the air is crispy, but your roof might not enjoy the thick layer snow that much. Snow is known for its insulation properties and thin and lightweight blanket of snow might even help with maintaining the thermal balance inside your home, but when the layer becomes too thick, snow starts to act like a stressor for your roof, adding weight to it and potentially leading to the appearance of ice dams. While powder snow weighs only around 3 pounds per square foot, wet snow weighs around 20 pounds and ice weighs over 55 pounds – if you calculate the weight that your roof needs to hold up after a snowy period, you will see that the excess weight your roof is under is huge. The other issue related to the accumulation of snow is the formation of ice. If you don’t have suitable attic insulation, the warm air from inside your home rises to the roof, causing not only unnecessary energy expenses, but also turning the deepest layer of snow on the roof to water. The water runs down on the slope of your roof, cooling down and freezing again, turning into icicles. The process is dangerous for your entire home – the water can leak through your ceiling and your walls and it can damage the roofing and siding cover as well.  Get professional Lansing siding companies and roofing to inspect as soon as possible to limit the damage.
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