Home Exteriors Siding Roofing Painting Ready For Winter Maintaining your home exterior and handling all the exterior repairs necessary before freezing weather settles in is essential for maintaining the functionality and the comfort of your home throughout the cold season. Here is why:
  • Small issues aggravate quickly in extreme conditions – cold winter weather causes every building component to behave in unusual ways. Materials become more brittle, they break and crumble more easily, the moisture that has penetrated tiny hairline cracks in fall freezes, expands and makes the cracks larger. The best way to prevent that is through proper repairs carried out in time, before winter comes;
  • Repairs are more difficult in winter – the special conditions outlined above also make home repairs more difficult in winter, what’s more, some of them, such as the repairs that require the use of adhesives are not possible under a certain temperature. Try to prevent as much damage as possible by fixing all the faults that you find around the home at the end of fall – inspect and repair your exterior walls, your windows and the wall areas that surround them as well as your roof and your gutters. Take a look at your fence, too and make sure that all the posts, gate fasteners and boards are strong and solid.  Hankins Homescapes is a great place to start in hiring help for your home’s exterior, you can find them at http://hankinshomescapes.com/hankins-homescapes-siding-products.
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