Roof Flashing Can Be Easily Damaged The roof is the most exposed component of a building; it has to withstand various weather conditions every day: rain, hail, wind, snow and ultraviolet radiation. Sometimes these conditions are extreme and may affect the performance of a roof, which typically relies on adequate design, materials and installation. Roof maintenance is important and must not be overlooked. When a Lansing roofing company is contracted to perform maintenance operations, there are specific parts of the roof that receive more attention; they are inspected closely because they are more vulnerable, thus more susceptible to damage. These include:
  • Flashings
Flashings are used around various roof penetrations and where roof valleys join or disappear through the roof. These areas are very stressed due to various factors: UV degradation, thermal or differential movement etc., thus most leaks originate here.
  • Gutters and downspouts
The drainage system of a roof is another vulnerable area, considering that it can get blocked by leaves, twigs and other debris. Sometimes, gutters and downspouts can also be damaged by powerful storms and, anytime they fail to fulfill their purpose (collecting rainwater from the roof and safely directing it away) there is a high risk roof damage and water infiltration.
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