When Should I have My Roof Inspected Interested in keeping your roof in good order all year round? While you might have been told that having your roof inspected by professionals is only necessary about once or twice per year, it never hurts to be cautious. Consider these steps along with the option of calling a roofer whenever you discover a problem that could develop into a bigger one in the near future:  
  • Start by inspecting the roof yourself from afar. If you just had an expert Lansing roofing company take a look at it not long ago, then you might not have anything to worry about.
  • Check inside for leaks on the ceiling or in the attic. A leak in the attic or on the walls in the upstairs bedroom will be a good indication that your roof might need to be rechecked.
  • Climb a ladder once every few months and clean the debris off your roof. Also, it’s a good idea to repeat this task whenever a strong storm has just passed or when you notice debris falling from your roof after a wind storm.
  • A full roof inspection will be warranted when you discover any significant problems that you can’t fix yourself. While, for experienced homeowners this might only include cases when the decking and underlayment were affected, residents who aren’t tech-savvy should consider calling in the pros whenever they notice broken or cracked shingles, or they see that there’s a leak in the attic.
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