Warranty Product Roofing Service Company   Getting a new roof on any type of building is a major investment and you definitely expect quality installation that will allow you to enjoy the protection offered by your roof for many years to come. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong and, if you are not careful enough, you may end up with a roof that will cause you only problems and require costly repairs. This is why you must work with a licensed and fully certified Lansing roofing company, which is interested to offer the best services and stand behind its work, to protect its reputation. You should always make sure that you pay for the roof AND its associated warranties, so do not sign a contract that doesn`t stipulate clearly the warranties you get. For a new roof installation, you should get a manufacturer warranty and a contractor warranty. Manufacturer warranty is offered for the materials and depends on their durability, resistance in different conditions, the insulation they provide and other features. On the other hand, the contractor warranty is for the labor and is better known as workmanship warranty. Make sure you get the comprehensive coverage possible, to have a case if something falls apart or fails sooner that normally.
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