Window replacement can be a big problem if not performed on time. A damaged or weakened window can be damaged further by rain and wind, and burglars will have an easier time climbing through. Moreover, with a damaged window, your chances of losing vital heat in the winter or having your AC work harder in the summer will be greatly increased.   The great thing about installing a new window is that it looks great. One of the main signs that your windows need replacing is their appearance. If they are old and worn down, the signs will show, and you might also find small cracks and cuts as hail and debris might have hit the window over time.   A bad window doesn’t close or open as easily as a new one. All you have to do to notice this is open and close the window in question occasionally, even if you don’t stay in that room too often.   Ask your Lansing window replacement specialists about any upgrades that might be available. If your windows are very old, then it’s a good sign that they need replacing because building standards have changed or newer windows simply offer better protection. If you don’t want your house to be damaged by hurricanes or targeted by thieves, then installing brand new windows should be among your top priorities.
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