Siding Companies For Best Siding Materials Materials that are used for wall siding have improved over time. Materials such as asbestos, fiberglass have been replaced by newer methods that have shown to do a better job in protecting the home from exterior factors. The utilitarian part of the siding is the most important function but there is also the aesthetical part. Different material used will have varying results and to better decide the right ones, here are the best materials to consider for home siding.   Wood – wood sidings are the most common and can be found in most houses. Wood is aesthetically pleasing and does a pretty good job in protecting the home. They come in the form of wood planks, shingles, boards and logs to give the exterior a rustic feel. Any damage to wood sidings can be easily repaired and the different varieties that they come in, allow for more personalization.   Vinyl – vinyl sidings were very recently adopted by homeowners. Not only they look clean but they are cheaper than other materials and there is little maintenance as they are very resilient. The form that they come in includes vertical panels, fish scales and also as strips with interlocking edges. Like wood, vinyl also allows a lot of customization, from different colors to different textures.   Fiber Cement – this type of siding is made using recycled materials like wood fibers combined with sand and cement. While brick or stone may be the most resilient long-term, fiber cement sidings are extremely durable to weather and require low maintenance. Also, unlike wood, the material is not vulnerable to rot and termites and are more lightweight than stone.   Stone – mostly used on mansions and larger homes, a stone siding gives the house a distinct look. When it comes to durability, other materials cannot be compared to stone and using it will require very little maintenance over time. As an alternative to the real thing, stone imitation can also be used which has the same look a real stone. They are faster and easier to work with, however, its durability is inferior to that of the real thing.   These materials mentioned are some of the most used and best ones to work with, consulting Lansing siding companies can help determine the best solution.  While it may seem that stone is the best way to go, it will depend on the environment that the house is built in and each one of them comes with upsides and downsides. Besides that, it is a matter of personal choice and budget.
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