weather resistant roofing homescapes Heavy rain and snow, high winds, hail, harsh sunshine and extreme cold – these are the weather systems and events that are becoming increasingly frequent these days, even in geographical regions that used to get calm, predictable weather the year around. The roof being the topmost line of defense on any building, the increased frequency of extreme weather has increased the demand for weather-resistant roofing materials – here are the best choices:
  • Fiberglass asphalt shingles – these shingles offer more resistance to extreme weather than more common, 3-tab shingles, while being affordable and long-lived, too;
  • Cement tiles – this durable roofing solution works great in regions that get wide variations in temperature and they can stand up to high moisture, dry spells and extreme snow, too. Cement tiles are a bit brittle, therefore somewhat sensitive to large hail and other types of impact, but they can protect you without getting damaged from most storms;
  • Metal – the alloys used for making metal roofing panels are extremely resistant to snow, rain, heat, high winds and fire. Metal roofs can be damaged by impact, but in most cases, the damage sustained is only of a cosmetic nature and does not affect overall roof health. Metal roofs can also be further strengthened with the help of various coatings, check them out
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