Racoons might be cute, funny creatures, but they can do a lot of damage on your property and not only by diving into your garbage bin and by stealing things. Racoons can be extremely harmful for your roof, too, especially if they move into your attic – they tear away shingles and eaves, the gnaw at everything, including cables and insulation and they can multiply uncontrollably. However, there are various, animal-friendly methods to get rid of them and to keep them away – here are some:
  • Find what is attracting them and get rid of those items – raccoons are attracted to water and food, so make sure that you don’t keep any pet food and food residues in the immediate surroundings of the house. Remove the pond or small pool that your kids play in – you can put it back after the racoons are gone;
  • Get a raccoon trap and bait them with some marshmallows or other delights – most of these traps are in fact large boxes with doors that close once the raccoon is in without hurting the animal and allowing you to remove it from your property. Make sure you take the critter at least 10 miles away, otherwise it might return soon;
  • Prevent repeat visits – check the fence around your property and make sure it goes down at least 12 inches under the surface of the ground to prevent access through digging.  Have the insulation in your roof inspected, in the case a racoon gets in your roof and attic area, as they can do a lot of damage, see http://hankinshomescapes.com/insulation-products for help.
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