CertifiedOfficial terms, such as roof inspection, roof warranty and roof certification, are quite hard to grasp for the average homeowner. However, failure to understand what each does can lead to serious consequences, especially when you are buying or selling a house.   For your convenience, this is what each of them means:  
  1. Roof Inspection
This is an activity performed by Lansing roofing company specialists to check the condition of your roof. At the end of the inspection, you will receive a report that documents all the issues of the roof (including the degree of regular wear and tear) and recommendations for repair/replacement works.   The roof inspection report does not oblige you to do anything, but it is recommended to follow through and get your roof fixed.  
  1. Roof Warranty
There are two types of warranty: for the roofing materials and for the workmanship. The warranty for the roofing materials is provided by the producers of the said materials and is standardized at national level. The warranty for workmanship is provided by the company that installed the roof and can vary from state to state.  
  1. Roofing Certification
This is an appraisal of the condition of the roof made by a roofing specialist. It simply states the condition of the roof at the moment of the appraisal and its life expectancy. This document is usually required for VA or FHA mortgage loans as part of the documents related to the property.
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