Homescapes certified Hankins contractor A roofing certificate is a document that describes the condition of the roof on a property and is most commonly used to prove the quality of the structure to potential buyers or to mortgage lenders. While most cities and regions do not make roofing certificates mandatory and they are often missing in housing-related documentation, especially in real estate markets where supply is smaller than demand. However, reliable sellers, that respect their buyers, will include the document and no mortgage lender would approve a loan without a warranty issued by a professional to state that the roof on the building will last for at least another 3 or 5 years. Roofing certificates can be either stand-alone documents, issued by a roofing company like Hankins Homescapes or they are included into the home inspection report. As home inspectors usually provide only general assessments of the roof’s condition and they do not commonly perform detailed roofing inspections, in most cases, property owners need to get a certified roofing contractor to provide an expert inspection and to prepare the roofing certification. On rare occasions, the certificate is issued by the buyer’s own roofer, with the costs related to the issuing of the certificate being settled either by the buyer or by the seller, based on the agreement between the two parties.
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