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Tips For Preventing Home Exterior Storm Damage

Roofing Siding Top Tips Among the many tips for preventing exterior storm damage we could mention:
  • Securing your garden furniture –otherwise, stormy conditions such as heavy winds can use it to break windows or other parts of your home;
  • Fixing drainage-related issues – perhaps the first measure to be taken is that of cleaning gutters and downspouts; clogged gutters can cause water infiltrations in your home;
  • Using impact-resistant windows – older windows can crack or break easily during stormy weather;
  • Ensure that the foundation is safe –there should not be any gaps in your foundations, to prevent water from getting in and causing severe damage;
  • All exterior dangers should be removed – this may include trimming tree branches that can fall on your house during a severe storm; despite the fact that trees are usually resistant, old trees are quite a danger;
  • All doors and windows must be closed and secured properly;
  • Installing more resistant siding is also a good idea – the most preferable material for sidings is steel, but a denser type of vinyl can also do the trick;
  • Having your roofing and siding system inspected by  on a regular basis is very useful, as you can fix problems in due time and thus prevent any serious exterior storm damages.

Signs Your Attic Might Need More Insulation

Insulation Products Despite the fact that they add charm and grace to any roof, ice dams can be indicators of a more serious problem, namely improper attic insulation. In short, these ice dams form when the snow on the roof melts due to the rising heat, combined with the sun heat. And when water freezes again, those interesting ice shapes are formed. Pretty as they may look, they can seriously damage your roof and gutters. At the same time, another typical clue would be that of moisture in the attic. This should be addressed immediately; otherwise the problem can only get bigger. Unusual temperature changes also ring a bell for more insulation needed. A drafty house is another clear indicator of insufficient attic insulation. There are several methods which can help you determine the exact reason for these drafts. If energy bills are unexpectedly high, there might be something wrong with heat losses during winter. It means you need to investigate a bit further and take proper measures to improve insulation. In case you discover that insulation is the cause of all these symptoms, it is highly advisable to resort to a company that can guide you in this domain, while offering good-quality work done by expert teams,    

Insulation Can Help Minimize Your Home Heating Bill

Improve Insulation Reduce Energy Bill As far as energy use is concerned, cooling and heating represent no less than 50% of the average American consumption. Therefore, it is very important to try and determine the exact steps to take in order to keep your home heating bill down to a minimum. Because building energy codes have changed a lot and got a lot stricter throughout the years, newer homes are better insulated. It is older homes that need a little bit more attention in terms of proper insulation systems. One of the wrong assumptions that people make about heat is that it merely rises. In fact, heating moves in all directions, through conduction and radiation. This means that not only the attic needs proper insulation, but your entire home. Knowing this can help you save a lot on your home bills. At the same time, there are many types of insulation to choose from. Choices may depend on the exact part of the home that you choose to insulate, the type of access that you have to that space, and so on. Materials may include loose fill, batts and blankets, spray foam, etc. You can either do the job yourselves, or choose a team insulation Lansing MI professionals.

How Long Does Siding Last?

Siding Products How Long They Last If the siding on your home has started looking warn and you are currently weighing your replacement options, one of the factors that will influence your decision should be durability. Each type of siding material comes with a different lifespan – here is what to expect:
  • Wood siding – one of the most expensive and most attractive siding materials is quite sensitive and need the owner’s attention and work to be perform well. Properly maintained wood siding, installed in mild climate zones can last decades, but for that, you need to clean and inspect your panels every six months and you need to apply the right types of protective coatings at regular intervals;
  • Vinyl – this type of siding is popular not only for the wide range of available designs, but also for its durability and low maintenance needs. The lifespan of vinyl siding panels also exceeds decades and all the material requires to protect your home for this long is a little cleaning every now and then;
  • Aluminum siding – these panels look robust and they are robust, indeed. Aluminum siding is almost indestructible – it can get dented by very strong impact and the enamel on it can also get scratched, but all these issues can be corrected relatively easily.
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Do New Windows Help with Your Home’s Utility Expenses?

New Windows And New Siding If you live in a beautiful house, but your rooms have become a bit drafty lately and you have been thinking of replacing your windows, here is how new windows will not only make your rooms more comfortable, but they will also reduce your utility expenses:
  • Keeping heated air in and cold weather out – modern windows use multiple panes separated between them with air or with inert gas for forming a very efficient energy barrier. The glass used in such modern windows is also special, designed for preventing energy loss through the surface of the panes. Modern frames also come in a wide variety of materials, all of them designed to prevent heat exchange through the side of the windows. Many of the window experts work with the Lansing siding contractor to complete the install.  All these features designed to prevent the exchange between the building interior and the exterior world will have a positive impact on your heating and cooling bills, with effects noticeable from the first bills that you receive;
  • Federal tax credits – window replacement requires a substantial investment, but fortunately, your decision to replace old, drafty windows can get rewarded in the form of tax credits and other, federal-level incentives. Building owners can become eligible for such credits and incentives if they choose Energy Star-rated replacement windows.