The best manufacturers of roofing shingles not only produce the roofing material, but sell it as well, therefore identifying top companies can be important not only for retailers and a dependable Lansing roofing company, but for individual customers who want to buy directly from the factory. Here are a few aspects to consider:

  • Product quality – you can find out all you need to know about the quality of a company’s products using the internet. Professional forums, review websites, articles written by independent experts are all there for you. Most companies provide detailed descriptions of their products, including technical information – excellent sources where you can find out whether the manufacturer offers the type of shingles that you need;
  • Customer service – top shingle manufacturers provide not only products of the highest quality, but also comprehensive and high-standard customer support,
  • Warranty – not all shingles come with the same warranty period or are warranted for the same conditions of usage, so check that aspect as well;
  • Delivery time – if you are in the middle of a construction, you probably need your shingles as quickly as possible. Check with the manufacturers that you are considering – ask them whether they provide delivery to your geographical area and find out about delivery time because the best manufacturer for you is the one that not only provides the best products, but also the one that is the fastest to deliver your shingles.
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