Making a claim on your insurance is definitely not something that you eagerly expect, considering that it is always related to a loss. However, if that time eventually comes and you must go through an insurance claim, it is important to know what to do in order to make the entire process less daunting.

Things to do before calling your insurance company:

  • Take photos or videos of the damage you will be claiming for
  • List everything that is damaged, broken or missing and provide as many details as possible
  • Prepare the description of the circumstances of the loss
  • Leave things as they are, do not attempt to make repairs, unless you must really do something to prevent more damage from occurring
  • Gather warranties, receipts or valuation certificates, in case of expensive items such as art objects, jewelries, collectables etc.
  • In the case of situations that involve damages to your home, vehicle etc., you will be asked to hire a contractor that will estimate the damage
  • In the case of a criminal act or burglary, you will have to call the police and pass their report to your insurance company

You should also know that once you make a claim, it is possible (but not mandatory!) that your monthly premium increases. This depends on your insurance company and the number of your claims.  However, expert Lansing window replacement contractors recommend you get as much as you can from your insurance claim, so that you can get quality windows installed.

Your claim will be solved sooner or later, depending on its complexity and the level of emergency.

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