Window Repair Lansing Windows The windows on your building play more than an aesthetic role – they protect your home interior from the weather all year around, keeping hot air outside in summer and preventing the penetration of cold in winter. Fall is the time when homeowners need to prepare all the important components of their home for the upcoming winter, the windows included – here is how to tend to your windows in fall:
  • Clean the windows – you need clean windows to tackle the low outdoor temperatures by harnessing the most of the weaker winter sunshine, so start the preparation with washing your glass panes inside and outside;
  • Replace window treatments – you need thicker, heavier drapes to keep warm air in your rooms and to prevent draftiness;
  • Check and repair the sealing – warm air can escape even through the tiniest holes and cracks, so make sure your window frames as well as the wall around the windows are intact. Resealing the area is easy, all you will need is some caulk;
  • Consider window replacement – if your Lansing windows are old and weak that you don’t think they can last the winter, fall is the best time to take care of the replacement (the process can be quick, but start it as soon as you can to make sure you have the new, efficient windows installed by the time it gets cold outside).
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