Get An Roofing Insulation Inspected When Roof Mold Is Present Mold is among the most common roofing issues, encountered not only by the owners of properties located in humid climate areas, but in any geographical area that gets longer rainy periods occasionally. Mold is not only unsightly – it emanates a foul, rancid smell and it is also dangerous for the entire roof structure as well as for the residents of the home. The black, brown and dark green spots caused by mold are best removed as soon as they are noticed, but removal is not enough – to make sure the issue does not come back, you need to remove the cause, too. Here are some tips:
  • Remove the mold and treat the surface with some mold-removal substance – mold spores are usually carried by the wind and attach to organic matter. The first step in the mold removal process should be the removal of any impurities from the surface of the roof, from the vents, the gutters as well as from the attic and have a insulation Lansing MI professional inspect the attic insulation, then you should clean the affected surfaces and treat them with some mold-prevention product;
  • Ensure proper ventilation – mold starts thriving in moist areas, so the most important thing to do if you want to avoid it is to make sure air can move properly underneath your roof and there is never any debris on the roof surface to absorb water.
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