Resilient Slate Roofing Roofing materials with the longest estimated lifespan come with the longest warranties, but they are also the most expensive. However, these materials will help you save money in the long run, which makes them a very good investment.  As one of the great Lansing siding companies will tell you the same about siding materials. We present you a few of the most resilient roofing materials currently existing on the market. Metal roofing A building that has been roofed with metal more than half a century ago is likely still going strong and that`s because the protection provided by this material. Metal roofing is known for its durability, lightweight, eco-friendliness, reflective properties, class A fire-rating and versatility when it comes to the aspect. Metal roofing is suitable for any type of building and requires almost no maintenance. Roof tiles Tiles are typically made from clay, concrete, or fiber cement and reinforced. They offer more than 50 years of durability in any weather conditions. Roof tiles also increase curb appeal and can be recycled. They require maintenance and may break if walked on, so they are typically used on residential or historic buildings with pitched roofs. Slate roofs Natural and synthetic slate is a great roofing material that provides protection for a lifetime. It is the most durable roof material, but natural slate is heavy and can be installed only on buildings with adequate resistance structure. However, synthetic slate is lightweight and also more affordable. Slate also has a luxurious good look and can be recycled.    
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