Many Benefits To High Impact Roofing Shingles The weather is becoming increasingly turbulent even in previously calm climate zones and these changes can be best addressed by using special roofing and siding materials that can withstand impact, such as impact resistant shingles  – here are some of the most important benefits of using these great products:
  • Superior strength – impact resistant shingles are made using special technologies that allow them to withstand not only the impact of objects falling on the roof, such as hail stone or tree branches, but also winds up to 150 miles per hour fast and very heavy storms as well;
  • Easy installation – impact resistant shingles are stronger and more durable than standard products, but they are just as quick and easy to install and can be easily matched by one of the Lansing siding companies that does roofing too;
  • Cost efficiency – these special shingles might require a more substantial initial investment, but homeowners will get enhanced durability for their money, which means that overall ownership costs are equal or even lower than the costs of installing standard shingles;
  • Endless color variations – using impact resistant shingles does not mean that you have to sacrifice beauty to strength. IR shingles come in very wide, seemingly endless hues and textured shingles are also available for those looking for a dramatic looking roof.
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