Roofing Company Taking Steps To Keep Roof Free Of Debris Tree debris can cause a lot of problems in the long run. You might notice old branches or leaves on your roof or in your gutters if you climb up on a ladder to clean the roof from time to time. You might also notice that they are responsible for pests making their way to your roof, as well as water damage and a host of other problems.   Fortunately, tree debris can be cleared away with ease, but you have to take a few important precautions:  
  1. Make sure you use sturdy equipment to support yourself. A sturdy metal ladder will often not be enough. You might also need a safety harness, durable gloves and a safety helmet.
  2. For light debris, such as leaves, you might want to use something basic like a leaf blower to blow the fallen leaves right off your roof.
  3. Branches should typically be removed manually from the roof, since trying to dislodge them using a tool can sometimes result in roof damage.
  4. Finally, make sure you also wash your roof or hire a team of cleaning experts at to pressure wash it, once all the debris is removed. That way, you can make sure all debris and dirt is removed, while also checking to see whether the roof is leaking before you complete all the work.
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