Proper Safety Roof Measures Activities performed on rooftops (repairs, replacements, maintenance operations) can be dangerous, and it is therefore essential to apply high safety standards at work, regardless of the duration of these activities. Fallings and other accidents can occur on any roof type. Even flat roofs involve high risks, because people may fall from the edges, from an areas that are still in work, or through openings, joints or other fragile areas. Sloped roofs are even more dangerous; workers may slide off the roof and fall over the side, or even fall through the roof, to the interior of the attic. The use of adequate equipment, designed to prevent accidents related to working at heights, is mandatory, during the entire process. A professional roofing company Lansing is home to, have all the right safety measures put in place.  However, equipment is not everything; there are many other safety measures that must be considered as well, for example protecting the area from materials that may fall from the roof. Prior to starting the roof repairs, one must evaluate all the risks associated with this work, provide the necessary equipment and implement preventive measures as well as appropriate work systems. All workers need to be properly trained and obligated to respect the legal provision. All activities that take place on the rooftops should be carefully planned, in order to minimize the risks.  
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