Roofing Company Talking About Roof Failure Signs Roof failing is probably the most dreaded building-related issue that requires not only the homeowner’s attention, but financial sacrifices as well. If you notice a couple of damaged tiles or shingles, you don’t need to worry, the repairs are probably quick and easy, but there are other signs that indicate more severe roof failure and can cause worries – here are some:
  • Recurring leaks and excessive moisture in the home interior – if you fix one roof leak and the next one appears soon, if you see and feel dampness in your rooms, not only in the air, but on the walls, too, the water damage suffered by your roof structure can no longer be fixed quickly and easily;
  • Roof sagging – a sure sign of structural fault, sagging indicates extensive damage sustained by your roof’s supporting structure. The issue is usually addressed by removing the roof cover and probably a couple of beams as well or, if you are very lucky, the sagging can be corrected by lifting the roof with special devices and replacing only the damaged components of the underlying structure;
  • Hiking energy bills – abnormally high energy bills can be a sign of a roof that is no longer intact and allows for too much exchange between the home interior and the outside world.  To keep on top of minor repair, contact Hankins Homescapes for seasonal roof inspections.
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