A roof collapse is a huge issue, one that has a negative impact on the future of your property, on your budget as well as on your daily life, so it is definitely something that is best avoided. To be able to make sure that your old roof does not cave in, you need to know the signs that indicate imminent danger, so here are a few things to look for:
  • Sagging – roofs rarely cave in unexpectedly and the most obvious signs that your roof is not going to hold up for very much longer without help is sagging. Fortunately, sagging roof areas can be identified by simply looking up on the roof from a distance – if you see any sagging, call an expert roofer at once because fast action is the best way to avoid collapse;
  • Cracks in exterior and walls or in the ceilings – such cracks also indicate that the structural stability of your building has been compromised and the issue might go up to the roof, causing it to collapse;
  • Doors and windows that no longer close properly – another sign that some structural shifting is taking place and also a sign that you need to call for Lansing window and roofing expert help right away.
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