Signs Of Hailstorm Damage The hailstorm is over. As you get out, you notice the ice balls on the driveway and in the garden. It looks eerie among green grass and shrubs full of leaves and flowers. But what you should be looking at is the damage the storm caused to your house. This preliminary inspection is important for the moment when you have to fill in the insurance claim.   These are the key things to look for:  
  1. Hail Damage to the Roof
Pockmarks on the shingles or metal sheets are clear signs of hail. These areas are now vulnerabilities, as the material is twisted, weakened and the treatment that protects the shingles from UV rays has chipped away. Also, any dent in the sidings (the band that seals the space between the roof and the walls) means that the sealing is compromised and water can leak inside your house.  
  1. Damage to Water/ Gas Pipes
Look closely at all the exposed parts of water and gas pipes. Even a small chipping of the paint or a tiny dent can be very dangerous. The respective area is no longer protected from rust or corrosion. If you see such damage especially on gas pipes, turn off the gas and call the gas company before doing anything else.  
  1. Damage to the Walls and Doors
Hail is powerful enough to chip paint off the walls and dent metal doors. Walk carefully around the house and document every area where paint looks freshly chipped off. Also, test your front doors if you see any dents. Hail can bend the door out of shape so much that it no longer opens and closes properly.   Call on the professionals at Hankins Homescapes of Michigan for immediate storm damage repair.  
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