Hail Damage To Homescapes Roofs Hail stones, whether small or large, cause property damage worth tens of millions of dollars each year. Even the strongest, best-kept home might suffer damage when the balls of ice start to fall – here are some signs of damage to look for after the storm:
  • Roof damage – if you have a shingle roof, look for dents and punctures in the shingles and for shingles that are no longer covered in the layer of mineral granules intended to protect them from the weather. If you have clay or cement tiles, look for cracked, chipped or removed tiles, while the most common form of hail damage on metal roofs is dents of various sizes;
  • Gutter damage – the impact caused by falling hail stones can loosen your gutters or it might lead to the appearance of dents;
  • Damage at ground level – hail stones can smash windows, cause dents and cracks in doors and they might damage your patio or deck as well. Siding panels might also sustain hail damage, so look for cracks, dents and broken components in these areas, too;
  • Damage to your landscape – hail can damage your garden and your yard as well. Large, old trees are especially sensitive to hail, so when the storm goes away, check all the large limbs to see if they survived or they need to be cut.  For hail roof repair and other damages to your roof call http://hankinshomescapes.com/.
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