What Are The Signs You Need New Siding The siding on your home is among the most important components used for decorative and protection purposes – your siding panels protect your home from the elements and they also provide its curb appeal, making the building safe and attractive. Siding panels are made from the most resistant materials, but even so, the time will inevitably come when you need to replace your siding – here are the signs that tell you to start preparing for the replacement:
  • The appearance of mold and mildew inside the home – the problem can be caused by other damaged home components, but most often it is caused by damaged siding panels that no longer seal the walls;
  • Higher energy bills – the walls are the largest surface through which energy exchange takes place. If your doors, windows and your roof all seal properly, but your energy bills are still rising, the cause for your increased costs is probably extensive siding damage;
  • Bubbles on the surface of the siding panels – some types of siding materials develop bubbles as the result of water penetration. The sign usually indicates extensive water damage that might call for the complete replacement of the panel by one of the experienced Lansing siding companies in your area;
  • Extensive rot – the panels that are affected by rot in small areas can be repaired, but you find extensive rotting that has damaged the interior of the siding panel as well, replacement is the only solution.
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