Hail That Can Damage Your Home's Exterior   Hail falls can hit some impressive speed, so the damage caused by a hailstorm can be quite extensive and not just to the roof but also to the siding of a building. Hail stones can have different dimensions and density, so not all hailstorms will leave obvious marks on your siding, but it doesn’t mean that damage is not there. Sometimes it takes an expert eye to spot damage before it gets worse. Hail damage may consist in cracks, dents and visible holes in the siding material, even your home’s windows. If there are no more than a couple of visible impacts, you do not have to worry too much, but if the damage is more extensive, you should schedule repairs as soon as possible with a known Lansing window replacement and siding company. Damaged siding areas represent vulnerable points that may allow moisture buildup and water infiltrations, and you risk compromising the structure of the house if you do not address this problem promptly. Every time after a hailstorm, you should inspect your siding and look for potential damage. If you worry about less apparent problems, you should call an expert, who can also help you estimate the damage in case you want to make an insurance claim.
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