siding damages siding companies maintenance Thunderstorms and hailstorms can have devastating effects on siding – while the former come with lots of rain and high winds that can rip off, break or crack siding panels, the latter comes not only with scary winds, but with balls of ice that can hit hard on any type of siding. Damage caught early is easier to repair than neglected issues, so here are the signs that tell you your siding panels need your help because they have been damaged by the most recent storm:
  • Dents – the circular depressions are the most conspicuous signs that your metal siding has been severely affected by hail. Unfortunately, dents cannot be repaired, so the panels that are affected need to be replaced;
  • Cracks – any material cracks when the force that hits it is strong enough, so whatever material your siding is made from, cracks are a sure indicator of storm damage;
  • Splits, holes and chips – these signs also indicate storm damage;
  • Damage to the paint – this type of damage also indicates that the storm has had an impact on your siding panels, but if your panels are not cracked, dented, broken or chipped, it is a fault that is quick and easy to remedy with the services of Lansing siding companies  in your community.
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