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Fall Pests to Protect Your Roof From

Have Roofing Company Check For Fall Pests On Rooftop With the slowly passing of summer and its long and warm days, a person’s home can make a perfect destination for pests during the lower temperatures of fall. All animals and insects feel the lower temperatures of fall and they are trying to find ways to warm themselves, as well as finding food. This is why preparing your home for fall is a good practice to consider doing each year. With that said, here are some of the pests to expect to protect your roof from.   Mice and Rats – Rodents such as mice and rats are the most common ones to expect to visit your home. Not dealing with them soon can become a real nuisance over time. The main problem with rats and mice is that they rarely travel alone so be sure to expect a mouse and company. Proper care should be taken to prevent these rodents from making their appearance in your house. Things such as storing food in airtight containers and most importantly, fixing and sealing any cracks and holes around the house, as well as the roof.   Raccoons and Squirrels – The most prominent roof invaders would be raccoons and squirrels which can access your roof via power lines and trees. These rodents may be cute but can be a real headache when they find their way into your attic. While there is not much that one can do in the case of power lines, tree branches, on the other hand, can be trimmed in such a way that they don’t reach your roof. While doing this may not guaranty a squirrel never visiting your house, it can make things a bit more difficult for them.   Birds and Ants – Some birds can make their way into your home through vents and chimneys and there is also the possibility of them damaging your roof. Vent and roof guards are a good countermeasure to prevent birds from entering your attic and they are a cost-effective way to ensure safety. Termites can cause a lot of damage to your roof if they are left unattended. They usually invade wooden surfaces and the exposed wood in the attic can make the perfect target and if left unattended, they can cause a lot of damage to the wood’s structure.   The damaging affects pests can have on a roof need to be addressed promptly.  Having your roof inspected by a local Lansing roofing company twice a year is very important.  The sooner you can catch the damage the easier it is to repair, and the less costly it will be.

Avoid These Roof Maintenance Mistakes to Ensure Your Roof Has a Longer Lifespan

Avoid These Roofing Mistakes Talk With A Roofing Company Roof maintenance can be very important if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a new roof or expensive repairs every once in a while. It’s also a good idea for preventing unforeseen damage and making sure your roof stays in one piece even if it’s old enough to be replaced already.   Unfortunately, proper roof maintenance can be quite tricky. The following mistakes have to be avoided at all costs, if you want to make sure your roof retains its long lifespan:  
  1. Avoid slacking off. Create a clear long term schedule for roof maintenance, and stick to it. In most cases, once or twice a year will be enough, but make sure you talk to your local Lansing roofing company and ask them exactly how often you should consider your roof maintenance chores.
  2. Make sure you don’t go up to your roof on a rainy day or right after it rained. The roof and even your ladder can be quite slippery at this time, and there’s always the danger of getting injured.
  3. Consider the correct maintenance tasks for each season, and avoid doing the same maintenance routine each time. For instance, before the winter, you might want to focus more on clearing debris and making sure your gutter system works, so you can prevent ice dams from forming later on. In the spring, it’s better to focus on clearing off old debris and making sure you get rid of pests before they turn your roof into their nests.

Deciding Between Replacing or Repairing Your Roof

Questions For Roofing And Siding Contractor Complete roof replacement is a very costly project, probably the most expensive one that you will ever be faced with as a homeowner. Fortunately, most types of roofing issues can be addressed with repairs, so roof replacement should be considered as the last option, when everything else has failed, but that doesn’t mean that all damage is repairable. Here are a few signs that your roof is beyond repair and you need to prepare to invest into a new one soon:
  • Damage that extends beyond manageable – if more than one third of your roof has been damaged by a recent storm, it is probably no longer fixable;
  • Age – when your roof is approaching the end of its lifespan or it has exceeded it already, it is probably time to start saving up for the replacement;
  • Too many layers – certain roofing materials, such as metal panels, can be installed on top of an existing layer without removing the old roofing. However, if the topmost layer on your roof is already the second one and it is damaged, there is no other solution, you need to get both layers removed and a new layer installed. If the roof is structurally solid, you might decide to keep the supporting structure and replace only the covering material.  If you  need a roof replacement, look to an established roofing and Lansing siding contractor to do the job.

Signs Your Roofing System Is Failing

Roofing Company Talking About Roof Failure Signs Roof failing is probably the most dreaded building-related issue that requires not only the homeowner’s attention, but financial sacrifices as well. If you notice a couple of damaged tiles or shingles, you don’t need to worry, the repairs are probably quick and easy, but there are other signs that indicate more severe roof failure and can cause worries – here are some:
  • Recurring leaks and excessive moisture in the home interior – if you fix one roof leak and the next one appears soon, if you see and feel dampness in your rooms, not only in the air, but on the walls, too, the water damage suffered by your roof structure can no longer be fixed quickly and easily;
  • Roof sagging – a sure sign of structural fault, sagging indicates extensive damage sustained by your roof’s supporting structure. The issue is usually addressed by removing the roof cover and probably a couple of beams as well or, if you are very lucky, the sagging can be corrected by lifting the roof with special devices and replacing only the damaged components of the underlying structure;
  • Hiking energy bills – abnormally high energy bills can be a sign of a roof that is no longer intact and allows for too much exchange between the home interior and the outside world.  To keep on top of minor repair, contact Hankins Homescapes for seasonal roof inspections.

Why Hire A Roofer For Your Roof Maintenance

Why hire A Professional Roofing Company Maintaining the roof is in the charge of every homeowner and failing to do it regularly  creates not just problems related to safety and comfort in your own home, but also takes from you the right to receive insurance compensation, in case that the roof gets damaged. In these circumstances, responsible homeowners should always have a reliable local Lansing roofing company on their list of experts. Hiring a roofer for the periodic roof maintenance may seem like a waste of money for some people, but it is definitely no such thing. Hiring a roofer saves you time and effort. Even if you have the right knowledge, skills and equipment to work on your own roof, hiring a specialist is safer and also time-saving for you. Hiring a roofer brings you warranties. A reliable roofing company always offer guarantees on its services, products, as well as free estimates for necessary repairs and roof replacements. Scheduling regular roof maintenance performed by specialists ensures that vulnerabilities will be addresses promptly, before they get worse and more expensive to repair. You should always opt for a local roofer because they also have proper knowledge of local building codes, local weather and the most suitable roofing systems. Hiring a roofer to perform annual inspections and maintenance will extend the lifespan of your roof.