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Why Roof Vents Are Important

Roof Vents Roofing Company Installed Roof ventilation is essential for prolonging the life of your roofing system, and also of your entire home. Air needs to flow through a house in order to keep it safe from moisture and extreme temperatures. Thus, air is taken inside your home through eaves or soffits, and goes out through the roof vents. Roof vents can help reduce energy bills. No matter if it is about the air-conditioning or the heating system, roof vents can help you keep your home at the desired temperature all year round. One thing that happens when there is poor air ventilation in your home is that your attic gets overheated. This can shorten the lifespan of your roofing system, shingles, and so on. Moisture can also get accumulated, causing the formation of icicles on the edges of your roof, which in turn cause more damages such as leaks. At the same time, it can deteriorate the paint on your attic’s walls and also warp the wooden structure of the attic, to name but a few of the potential risks entailed by insufficient air ventilation. These are but a few of the many reasons why proper and well-functioning roof vents are so important for extending the lifespan of your home.  Find help from your local Lansing roofing company to have your roof last for many years.

Your Roof and the Weight of Michigan Winter Snow

Roofing Company Heavy Snow And Ice On Roof Snow is heavy, even in its fluffiest form – a 1.75-inch layer of light snow on a roof of average sizes weighs the same as an SUV parked on the roof and wet snow weighs even more. The cold winters in Michigan make snow an issue that local building owners need to be thoroughly prepared for – some regions of the state get as much as 160 inches of per year, but even less snowy areas require property owners should have a scheduled Lansing roofing company pay special attention to their roofing in winter. Here are some things that you need to know about tackling the problem of snow in Michigan and about preserving it in good condition throughout the winter:
  • The importance of roof raking – roof rakes are special rakes on long sticks that can be efficiently used for removing excess snow from your roof. Go outside after each snowing, look up at the roof and use your rake whenever you see that the snow blanket has become thick;
  • The importance of insulation – the weight of the snow on your roof can be aggravated by the appearance of icicles at the edge of the roof, structures of frozen water that are even heavier than snow. Ice dams appear when the warm air that escapes from inside the home melts the layer of snow that is in direct contact with the roof surface. The melted water runs down on the roof slope and freezes by the time it gets to the roof edge. You should carefully remove very thick icicles, but the best solution is to prevent the escape of warm air through proper insulation added in your attic area.

How to Find a Reliable Roofing Repair during the Holidays

How To Get Roofing Company Estimates Roofing problems can be a cause of severe stress, no matter when they appear, but during the holidays, when roofers take their time off, too, they can be even more stressful and even more difficult to solve. However, finding a reliable roofer to repair your roof during the Holidays is not impossible – here are some tips to make the process easier:
  • Search for roofers that provide emergency services – many roofers provide not only scheduled roof repairs, but emergency services as well and they will state so on their websites. Carry out a quick online research to identify roofers who service your area and provide emergency services and call them to find out whether they are available;
  • You can skip some verification processes, but don’t skip them all – you are likely to find out that there are not many roofers willing to work during the Holidays, but even so, do check their websites for references and try to verify their reputation online as well – if they have any unhappy customers from the past, you are likely to find out;
  • Request a cost estimate – if you are faced with a roofing emergency, asking for cost estimates might seem like a waste of time, but it is not. You need to know what you are paying for, even if it is on short notice.  Look to companies such as Hankins Homescapes and others in the area.

Tips for Choosing a Roofer That’s Right for Your Project

Roofing Company Roofer Choosing The Right One Using the right roofer for the remodelling or installation project that you have in mind is essential for the success of your project. Here is how choose your roofer:
  • Ask for help from the people you know – chances are that one of your friends, co-workers or family members has been recently involved in a roofing projects and they can provide accurate, first-hand information about the Lansing roofing company they hired;
  • Check roofing websites – most roofers today use websites to present themselves and their services and to show their portfolios to potential clients. All you need to do to find them is to enter the term roofing, followed by your location, then check each result. Look for roofers who specialize in the material and the type of project that you have;
  • Establish contact – write an email to the roofers that you consider potential hires and describe your project or call them and talk in person. It is a good idea to invite the roofer to see the job site – that will make it easier for them to provide an accurate cost estimate;
  • Compare estimates – obtain 3-5 estimates for your project and compare them in terms of deadlines, material quality and warranty, then go with the most reasonable estimate (which isn’t necessarily the cheapest).

Fall Pests to Protect Your Roof From

Have Roofing Company Check For Fall Pests On Rooftop With the slowly passing of summer and its long and warm days, a person’s home can make a perfect destination for pests during the lower temperatures of fall. All animals and insects feel the lower temperatures of fall and they are trying to find ways to warm themselves, as well as finding food. This is why preparing your home for fall is a good practice to consider doing each year. With that said, here are some of the pests to expect to protect your roof from.   Mice and Rats – Rodents such as mice and rats are the most common ones to expect to visit your home. Not dealing with them soon can become a real nuisance over time. The main problem with rats and mice is that they rarely travel alone so be sure to expect a mouse and company. Proper care should be taken to prevent these rodents from making their appearance in your house. Things such as storing food in airtight containers and most importantly, fixing and sealing any cracks and holes around the house, as well as the roof.   Raccoons and Squirrels – The most prominent roof invaders would be raccoons and squirrels which can access your roof via power lines and trees. These rodents may be cute but can be a real headache when they find their way into your attic. While there is not much that one can do in the case of power lines, tree branches, on the other hand, can be trimmed in such a way that they don’t reach your roof. While doing this may not guaranty a squirrel never visiting your house, it can make things a bit more difficult for them.   Birds and Ants – Some birds can make their way into your home through vents and chimneys and there is also the possibility of them damaging your roof. Vent and roof guards are a good countermeasure to prevent birds from entering your attic and they are a cost-effective way to ensure safety. Termites can cause a lot of damage to your roof if they are left unattended. They usually invade wooden surfaces and the exposed wood in the attic can make the perfect target and if left unattended, they can cause a lot of damage to the wood’s structure.   The damaging affects pests can have on a roof need to be addressed promptly.  Having your roof inspected by a local Lansing roofing company twice a year is very important.  The sooner you can catch the damage the easier it is to repair, and the less costly it will be.