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Understanding Different Roofing Certifications

Homescapes certified Hankins contractor A roofing certificate is a document that describes the condition of the roof on a property and is most commonly used to prove the quality of the structure to potential buyers or to mortgage lenders. While most cities and regions do not make roofing certificates mandatory and they are often missing in housing-related documentation, especially in real estate markets where supply is smaller than demand. However, reliable sellers, that respect their buyers, will include the document and no mortgage lender would approve a loan without a warranty issued by a professional to state that the roof on the building will last for at least another 3 or 5 years. Roofing certificates can be either stand-alone documents, issued by a roofing company like Hankins Homescapes or they are included into the home inspection report. As home inspectors usually provide only general assessments of the roof’s condition and they do not commonly perform detailed roofing inspections, in most cases, property owners need to get a certified roofing contractor to provide an expert inspection and to prepare the roofing certification. On rare occasions, the certificate is issued by the buyer’s own roofer, with the costs related to the issuing of the certificate being settled either by the buyer or by the seller, based on the agreement between the two parties.

Signs That Your Home May Have Hail Damage

Hail Damage To Homescapes Roofs Hail stones, whether small or large, cause property damage worth tens of millions of dollars each year. Even the strongest, best-kept home might suffer damage when the balls of ice start to fall – here are some signs of damage to look for after the storm:
  • Roof damage – if you have a shingle roof, look for dents and punctures in the shingles and for shingles that are no longer covered in the layer of mineral granules intended to protect them from the weather. If you have clay or cement tiles, look for cracked, chipped or removed tiles, while the most common form of hail damage on metal roofs is dents of various sizes;
  • Gutter damage – the impact caused by falling hail stones can loosen your gutters or it might lead to the appearance of dents;
  • Damage at ground level – hail stones can smash windows, cause dents and cracks in doors and they might damage your patio or deck as well. Siding panels might also sustain hail damage, so look for cracks, dents and broken components in these areas, too;
  • Damage to your landscape – hail can damage your garden and your yard as well. Large, old trees are especially sensitive to hail, so when the storm goes away, check all the large limbs to see if they survived or they need to be cut.  For hail roof repair and other damages to your roof call

What To Look For In A Roof Warranty

Warranty Product Roofing Service Company   Getting a new roof on any type of building is a major investment and you definitely expect quality installation that will allow you to enjoy the protection offered by your roof for many years to come. Unfortunately, many things can go wrong and, if you are not careful enough, you may end up with a roof that will cause you only problems and require costly repairs. This is why you must work with a licensed and fully certified Lansing roofing company, which is interested to offer the best services and stand behind its work, to protect its reputation. You should always make sure that you pay for the roof AND its associated warranties, so do not sign a contract that doesn`t stipulate clearly the warranties you get. For a new roof installation, you should get a manufacturer warranty and a contractor warranty. Manufacturer warranty is offered for the materials and depends on their durability, resistance in different conditions, the insulation they provide and other features. On the other hand, the contractor warranty is for the labor and is better known as workmanship warranty. Make sure you get the comprehensive coverage possible, to have a case if something falls apart or fails sooner that normally.

Signs of Storm Damage on Your Siding

siding damages siding companies maintenance Thunderstorms and hailstorms can have devastating effects on siding – while the former come with lots of rain and high winds that can rip off, break or crack siding panels, the latter comes not only with scary winds, but with balls of ice that can hit hard on any type of siding. Damage caught early is easier to repair than neglected issues, so here are the signs that tell you your siding panels need your help because they have been damaged by the most recent storm:
  • Dents – the circular depressions are the most conspicuous signs that your metal siding has been severely affected by hail. Unfortunately, dents cannot be repaired, so the panels that are affected need to be replaced;
  • Cracks – any material cracks when the force that hits it is strong enough, so whatever material your siding is made from, cracks are a sure indicator of storm damage;
  • Splits, holes and chips – these signs also indicate storm damage;
  • Damage to the paint – this type of damage also indicates that the storm has had an impact on your siding panels, but if your panels are not cracked, dented, broken or chipped, it is a fault that is quick and easy to remedy with the services of Lansing siding companies  in your community.

Why Roof Vents Are Important

Roof Vents Roofing Company Installed Roof ventilation is essential for prolonging the life of your roofing system, and also of your entire home. Air needs to flow through a house in order to keep it safe from moisture and extreme temperatures. Thus, air is taken inside your home through eaves or soffits, and goes out through the roof vents. Roof vents can help reduce energy bills. No matter if it is about the air-conditioning or the heating system, roof vents can help you keep your home at the desired temperature all year round. One thing that happens when there is poor air ventilation in your home is that your attic gets overheated. This can shorten the lifespan of your roofing system, shingles, and so on. Moisture can also get accumulated, causing the formation of icicles on the edges of your roof, which in turn cause more damages such as leaks. At the same time, it can deteriorate the paint on your attic’s walls and also warp the wooden structure of the attic, to name but a few of the potential risks entailed by insufficient air ventilation. These are but a few of the many reasons why proper and well-functioning roof vents are so important for extending the lifespan of your home.  Find help from your local Lansing roofing company to have your roof last for many years.