The flashing is a very important part of any roof – it is the component responsible for directing the water flow around the openings and the joints, such as in the areas around the base of the chimneys, the skylights, the vents and the soffits, in order to prevent water-related damage in the deeper layers of the roof and the attic. Flashing is usually made from metal or from flexible, rubberized materials that seal the area in front of water. As you probably know, water that penetrates into places where it shouldn’t, such as in the attic or into the beams is the principle cause not only of roof damage, but also of the problems caused by rot, mold and mildew inside the building. At Hankins Homescapes a wonderful Lansing roofing company they understand the importance of flashing being installed properly.  The discontinuities, where a whole is cut into the surface of the roof to install other components such as skylights or vents, are the places where water can accumulate and sip underneath. Flashing solutions have been invented exactly for these junctures. The pieces of metal or other flexible material are fixed on top of these junctures to water-proof them, so the flashing is an integral component of any roof, just as important as the roof structure or the materials used for the roofing cover.      
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