Leave It To The ProfessionalsWhile many minor roof repairs, such as certain roof cleaning operations, the replacement of a few shingles or tiles, can be efficiently tackled by homeowners comfortable moving around at heights and using proper fall arrest systems, most major roof repair works are best left to professionals – here are some of the repairs that you should not attempt unless you are a professional roofer yourself:
  • Roof shoveling – the roof cleaning process is done from the top of the roof downwards, therefore it must never be attempted by amateur roofers;
  • Replacing large roof areas – extensive roof damage should never be repaired by amateur roofers;
  • The installation of skylights and flashing – the installation of these components require professional knowledge and experience and in many cases, the installation can only be done by roofers who carry the manufacturer’s authorizations;
  • Recurrent leaks – if you have replaced the tiles or the shingles that you blamed for the leak, but the issue seems to persist, don’t repeat the replacement, leave it to a Lansing roofing company professional to avoid the structural damage that can be caused by water penetrating underneath the roof;
  • Roof sagging – sagging is a sign of extensive structural damage on your roof. In many cases, it can be efficiently repaired, but the process requires special tools and knowledge, so it is best left to professionals.
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