Chimney Leaks And Insulation Repairs The chimney represents a roof penetration that requires some very serious methods of sealing, otherwise it will easily allow water leaks, and a need to call roofing and insulation Lansing MI experts. Repairs around the chimney are also quite complex and some of the hardest roof repairs. Chimneys and flashing go hand in hand. Flashing is a metal band used to protect vulnerable spots. Chimneys definitely require flashing around them, and roofers typically install two sets of overlapping flashing, and then seal them carefully. If not installed properly, flashing causes premature roof aging and allows storm damage. Do you know when you have flashing problems? Normally, early flashing issues can be identified during periodic roof maintenance. If you ignore inspecting your roof regularly, you will know that you have flashing problems only when water will leak indoors at the corners of the chimney. In this case, replacing or resealing the area is a must. There is also the chimney crown that you must take into consideration, because problems with it may have even worse consequences than flashing issues. If the crown is cracked, moisture can seep directly into the chimney and leak inside.  Temporary repairs can be made by re-bricking and filling cracks with mortar, but installing a brand new chimney is the only truly efficient option in the long run. Another chimney repair that may be necessary is replacing damaged covers that may cause blockages or water leaks.
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