Extreme Weather Can Be Damaging to The Exterior Of Your Home Extreme weather can seriously damage the exterior components of your home, especially the siding that protects your exterior walls and confers your home its curb appeal. While not all weather damage can be prevented, with some attention paid to your siding panels and a little effort you can make your home siding much more resistant – here are our top tips:
  • Have a Lansing siding contractor perform a thorough inspection – check every inch of your siding panels and look for damaged parts, such as cracked, chipped or missing parts;
  • Fix any issues that you find – some types of damage can be fixed only if you replace the entire damaged panel, but there are lots of issues that can be remedied with some caulk and sandpaper, especially if your panels are made from wood or cement;
  • Fasten everything – anchor every component that can be torn off by the wind and pay attention to anchoring the objects that can be lifted by the wind and smashed into the siding, such as pieces of outdoor furniture;
  • If your siding panels are made from wood, make sure they are properly treated with chemicals that improve the material’s resistance to water and keeps insects and other pests away, that way you can be sure that your siding panels are not affected by any insidious, difficult to notice issues that compromise their resistance and strength.
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