Window replacement Lansing Home Although they may sound as a modern addition to your home, skylights have been used for hundreds of years, ever since ancient Roman times. But before engaging on a complex and big renovation project such as including skylights in your roof, there are certain details to consider. First of all, skylights increase the amount of natural light. Because of that, they are usually installed in often dark areas such as bathrooms. With the help of skylights, you no longer have to turn on the light in such places. An extended space can also benefit from the use of skylights. They help create the sensation of more space in a house. But apart from letting more sunshine in, skylights also let more heat in. At the same time, they can help with ventilation during hot summer days. Nonetheless, there are also downsides to using this special design feature for your home. Thus, skylights may be expensive to install and to maintain. Skylights are prone to energy leaks, especially if they were not properly installed and insulated. However, you can solve such issues with the help of  Lansing window replacement professionals. Moisture leaks are another reason why skylights may not be the best idea for your home.  
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