Siding Solutions Can Be Easy All siding solutions must be chosen in accordance with the architecture of the house and match the general characteristics of the area (street or neighborhood). You must calculate your budget, evaluate your options and make a final choice, or get ideas and pricing from a local Lansing siding company with expertise in siding products. Luckily, there are siding solutions for every preference and budget. Faux brick siding Decorative bricks are light, 1-2 cm thick, and can be easily applied to the facade with special adhesives. Ceramic tiles Ceramic tiles are beautiful, durable and easy to use; they come in a wide range of colors, being suitable for any style and taste. Natural stone siding Undoubtedly, natural stone facades look amazing and offer great protection. They are extremely resistant over time. Natural stone siding, especially in its unprocessed form, matches very well a rustic style. If you want more elegance, you can choose marble, granite or travertine. These options are more expensive, but they worth the effort, being recognized for their strength and beauty. Wood and PVC siding From an aesthetic perspective, wood is an almost unbeatable siding material. Only the stone can be a real competitor. As such, wood siding is an inspired choice. On the other hand, PVC siding is accessible and easy-to-maintain. It is also lightweight and does not affect the structure of the house. PVC siding is available in a wide range of colors and patterns that successfully mimic other materials.      
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