homescapes siding trends A popular trend for your siding is that of using the same type of cladding both inside and outside of your home. This gives a feeling of continuity and is very appealing to the eye. Creative and unique textures and shapes are another present-day tendency for your siding. This helps create a continuous flow for your sidings, generating several areas of interest for your home’s structure. Concrete sidings can be contrasted with wood accents, in order to create an elegant industrial look. The idea is to add more charm and appeal to your home, not to make it look like an industrial building, though. If the cement fiber you are using for your siding is thicker, this can give contractors the chance to experiment a bit and create genuinely unique appearance for your home. Using color contrasts is another trendy aspect that may involve the type of siding you decide on. This implies using darker with lighter shades and hues. A good example is that of dark grey with white corners or trims. Blue or gray with bold accents are on top of the game. The year 2020 has brought about the tendency to mix several different styles on just one surface of a building.  Take a look at some of your siding options at  
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