Ventilation: VentSure® Roof Vents

Ventilation: VentSure® Roof Vents VentSure® Roof Vents allow hot, moist air to exit the attic to help prevent roof damage and premature aging. They are offered in a wide selection of sizes and styles to suit any roof design.

Ventilation: RAFT-R-MATE® Attic Rafter Vents

RAFT-R-MATE® Attic Rafter Vents A well-ventilated attic has undereave or soffit vents, which allow fresh air into the attic. The fresh air flows up between rafters to the ridge, where a ridge vent, roof vents or gable vents allow the air to exit. But if insulation is allowed to bunch against the inside slope of the roof between the rafters, air will be blocked before it can traverse the attic. RAFT-R-MATE® attic rafter vents create a space between each rafter for air to flow freely up the rafters and into the attic.

Ventilation: Vinyl Soffit

Ventilation: Vinyl Soffit Owens Corning Vinyl Soffit gives your home a finished look and provides ventilation for your roof to help prevent moisture build-up and heat damage in the attic. Offered in colors to match Owens Corning and HomeSide® siding, it features the beauty of just-painted wood and the low maintenance of vinyl. Solid panels are also offered for areas where ventilation is not required.