Matching Shingle Replacement Is Easier With Varigated Colors   Replacing a few shingles from your roof is not a complicated operation, but the most annoying part is finding matching shingles. If you have some spare ones left from the initial roof installation, do not be so happy about it, as shingles installed on a roof fade in time, due to being exposed to the elements, so their color will likely be different from those shingles that have been stored in the garage or in the attic during all this time. In these circumstances, installing them will create an unpleasant visual effect. What can you do about it? One of your options is to move shingles that look a bit different to a less visible location of the roof, but this may not always be possible, because most roofs have visible slopes. The best solution is to visit shops and look for new shingles that match perfectly the existing ones. If you want to be sure you choose well, take a shingle from the roof with you, to have a reference. Another option you have is to renovate the entire roof, aka replace all shingles. However, considering that such a project is expensive and time consuming, most people prefer to do it only if the roof is getting very close to the end of its lifespan.  When you’re ready to replace, call a recommended roofer at  
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