Wood shakes represent an easy and durable roof material, with a unique aesthetics in the traditional and modern architectural landscape. Depending on the location of the building and the exterior colors of your home, you can choose various shades of wood shakes that will complement perfectly the overall aspect.  For great products find out what the local roofing and Lansing windows companies are choosing for their client’s homes. The durability of wood shakes depends on many factors such as the climate in the area, the exposure to weather and the degree of inclination of the roof. The higher the pitch, the longer the wood material will last. If damage occurs, the replacement of wood shakes is relatively easy. The warranties of wood shakes vary slightly, depending on the type of wood they are made of, the treatments applied to make them resistant to moisture, fire etc. and the manufacturer; however, the typical warranty is 30-40 years. Wood shakes are lightweight, which is an advantage; this type of roof can be regarded as a saving possibility, since the structural strength of the building is not affected and building owners are not required to invest more into strengthening it. Other advantages
  • treated properly with quality substances, wood shakes become resistant to various climatic conditions and provides good protection against moisture
  • wood is a 100% ecological material, flexible and resistant to low temperatures.
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