The humid subtropical climate that dominates the state of Michigan is largely influenced by the huge body of warm water in the Gulf of Mexico. With annual precipitation averaging around 40-60 inches and temperatures staying warm almost the entire year, the roofs on local buildings require as much protection as they can get against water damage. Here is what you, as a responsible Michigan homeowner should do or have recommended Lansing roofers do to protect your roof against the combined effects of water and heat:
  • Check for leaks – only intact roofs can be waterproofed effectively, so the first to do is to check for leaks and to fix them if any is found;
  • Roofing insulation – applying a suitable insulation solution to the underside of the roof will prevent not only water damage, but heat penetration as well and it provides temporary protection in case the surface of the roof gets damaged by a storm;
  • Sealing the attic – attic insulation is essential for preventing the transfer of heat and moisture to your home;
  • Waterproof coating – there are lots of waterproofing products available today that can be applied on the surface of the topmost layer of the roofing material. An adequately chosen waterproof coating will seal the roof surface and act as a water repellent.
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