How To Keep Heating Costs Down During Cold MonthsThe key to making sure that the thermal balance in your home is preserved even when it is snowing heavily outside and freezing winds are howling is to have a solid and intact roof that has been built from the right material and is fitted with proper insulation, and hopefully professionally done by a reliable Lansing roofing company in your community. Improper roofing solutions, unaddressed roofing damage and non-existent or improper insulation are the most important causes of energy loss in winter. When you heat your rooms in the house, th e warm air rises towards the ceiling – if the floor of attic area above your topmost level of living space in your home is not insulated with the right type of material or if the insulation is not thick enough, warm air passes through the ceiling and continues to rise towards the roof. The underlayment of your roof should also have some insulation to prevent warm air to leave the building through the roof – this is important not only for not spending money on heating the street, but also because the rising warm air turns the snow on the roof to ice, which is much heavier than powder snow and can seriously challenge your roof’s weight bearing capacities. To make sure that your home’s energy consumption is optimal and your heating bills are as low as possible, make sure that the insulation in the attic and roof area are suitable for your climate and that the roof does not have leaks – fix all those issues and you will enjoy not only more thermal comfort in your home, but lower energy bills as well.