Tips To Keep Leaves Out Of The Gutter There are two ways to keep your gutters leaf-free in autumn: you can either clean your gutters manually, with a bucket and a tool for scooping out the debris that has accumulated inside the gutter pipes or you can install gutter guards to keep the leaves off. While the first solution is straightforward, the second one probably needs some explanation – here is a short outline of what gutter guards are and how they work. Gutter guards are simple devices that are installed either on top of the gutter pipes or inside the pipes to hold up any debris that might accumulate inside the pipes and form clogs. Here are the most common types of gutter guards:
  • brush guards that resemble a giant brush with long bristles to capture falling leaves, twigs and dust;
  • foam guards that are made from sponge-like material that lets through only clean water;
  • reverse curve guards that form an arched cover on the gutter and prevent debris from getting into the pipe;
  • gutter screens that are a kind of mesh with large holes that keeps debris away from the gutter pipes;
  • micro-mesh systems made from stainless steel that let only water through and are considered the most advanced gutter protection systems available today.  Get the necessary help from a local siding and roofing company like to clean your home’s gutters before winter, especially if it requires climbing a ladder to do so.
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