How To Increase A Roofs Longevity Increasing the longevity of your roof is all about maintenance, the concept that keeps away large expenses for replacing a roof. Roof maintenance should be regular, performed every season and after severe weather manifestations. Twice a year, you should also allow a specialist inspect your roof more thoroughly and perform required maintenance operations that you are not able to do alone. Here are some maintenance tips to extend the life of a roof:
  1. Regular inspections have the purpose to reveal inchoate problems. Having the right insulation Lansing MI roofs require is key to the longevity.  Always be prompt when it comes to repairing them, otherwise they will only get worse, causing disruption and high repairing costs.
  2. Keep your roof clean. This includes some rather simple operations that every homeowner can do regularly: keeping the entire roof perimeter (gutters included) free of debris and preventing vegetation that tends to grow on the roof, having the potential to break down the roofing materials.
  3. Keep a regular eye on the most vulnerable parts of the roof (chimneys, skylights and other penetrations), just to make sure that they are sealed properly and there is no water infiltration.
  4. Check the attic for signs of damage caused by animals. Mice, raccoons and squirrels often look for shelter in attics, causing not just a lot of mess but also serious damage. Take all the necessary measures to keep them away.
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