Halloween Party Decoration Ideas Halloween parties are great fun – it is great to figure out the decorations, to buy and install them, it is fun to send out spooky invites and to welcome and entertain the guests. However, there are parts to throwing a Halloween party that are not that much fun, such as cleaning up after the party and trying to fix the damages caused by decorations and the partying and sustained by your walls, your doors and furniture surfaces, not to mention windows, although the Lansing windows professionals can help. Not all decorating methods are harmful, though – here are a few ways how to decorate the home without damaging anything in your home:
  • Fix decorations with zip ties – they are available in many different colors, they are strong enough to hold any decoration in place and they don’t damage the surface they are attached to;
  • Use fishing lines – another way to fix things safely for your surfaces is to use fishing line – it is thin, but strong, invisible, easy to use and easy to remove;
  • Be careful with the candles – if your decoration includes candles, make sure they are not placed close to anything that can catch fire and don’t place them directly on the furniture to avoid wax stains and burn marks.
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