How Often Should Siding Be Replaced The siding on your home is the component responsible not only for ensuring your home’s curb appeal, but also for protecting the underlying structures of the building from insects, water damage, wind, snow, fire and other types of damage. Siding panels are nowadays made from various different materials, including wood, cement, vinyl and metal, each of them offering protection for a period specific to them. You can do product research at any of the Lansing siding companies website to determine what is best for your home.  Here is how long you can expect your siding to live:
  • Wood siding – usually made from cedar, wood siding panels can last for decades, provided that they are properly maintained and protected against the harmful effects of water and insects. They need to be properly coated and stained every 3 years or they need to be completely repainted every 5 years;
  • Fiber cement siding – cement is impervious to the action of water and to insects as well and can stay on your home for at least 15 years without too much maintenance;
  • Metal siding – the two most common materials used for making siding are aluminum and steel, both varieties can stand on your building for around 4 decades;
  • Vinyl siding – many vinyl siding products are warranted for around 50 years and require very little upkeep.
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