New Windows Make A Difference Getting new windows from Hankins Homescapes in Michigan is an excellent investment into increasing your home’s curb appeal, but great looks is not the only feature that they offer. New, energy efficient windows can significantly improve the energy-efficiency of your home, too – here is how:
  • Keeping the heat in – the walls, the doors and the fenestration that make up your building are components of your home’s armour, designed to prevent the exchange of air. The windows are the largest opening surfaces on any building, therefore the principle place where thermal exchange between the home interior and the outdoor space takes place. Modern, energy-efficient windows are made to minimize heat loss and thus they are the principal tools through which you can achieve energy-efficiency;
  • Keeping the heat out – energy-efficient windows can be relied on to keep the summer heat outside, thus minimizing your home’s cooling costs and ensuring thermal comfort inside the building;
  • Reflecting the sun’s rays – the best modern windows are fitted with reflexive layers that prevent the window from heating up and from losing insulation features.
Depending on the type of glazing that you choose, your new windows can help you reduce your heating and cooling costs by around 20-30% per year.
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