siding companies new siding improves curb appeal

Vinyl siding or exterior paneling made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is one of the most practical solutions for protecting the exterior of a house. This type of siding is suitable in climatic zones with temperatures between -40 and + 50 degrees Celsius. A simple comparison with decorative exterior plaster reveals the advantages of vinyl siding: durability, increased resistance to wear and tear, easy maintenance and long lifespan. The qualities of PVC siding is multiple:
  • The material from which siding panels are made makes them resistant to rain, wind and UV rays. Vinyl siding will not develop mold, it will not crack, deform or rust and presents great resistance to impact and
  • Upon contact with fire, PVC siding will not burn, only gradually melt down.
  • Besides all these advantages, vinyl siding is also a good thermal insulator, which means that it contributes to the reduction of the energy bills and make your house more energy efficient.
When it comes to its aspect, you can choose from an extremely wide range of colors and shades. You can find a wide selection with most of the Lansing siding companies in your community.  The texture of PVC panels can even mimic wood fiber. Its neat and uniform aspect combined with a color suitable for the overall style of the house will definitely increase the curb appeal, especially since vinyl siding does not require varnishes or protective solutions, and does not change color over time; the panels from which the PVC siding is made are mass painted, therefore scratches on their surface will not be visible.
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