How Lansing Windows And Home Exteriors Can Be Damaged If you own a house in Michigan, taking note of the weather is an important part of keeping your home safe and free of damage, regardless of whether you just bought it, or you’ve owned it for many years. Rain, hail and snow storms can easily damage various parts of your home, and if you don’t prepare for them, then the damages might be extensive and extremely costly to fix as well.   Michigan’s temperate climate has well-defined seasons and it reminds us of the lessons most of us have learned as children about the four seasons. Nevertheless, compared to other temperate regions, Michigan can be somewhat cold, with medium temperatures ranging from 23°F to 72°F depending on the season, with an average precipitation of almost 40 inches.   Basically, Michigan is rainy or snowy almost all year round, and that can definitely take its toll on a home that hasn’t been built very well.   Fortifying your roof and basement should, therefore, take priority, along with replacing your doors and windows with new ones to prevent wind and water damage, as well as to prevent water from entering your home.  Professional Lansing windows experts should be contracted to do the work for lasting results.   Cleaning debris from your roof and cleaning your gutters on a regular basis can also help prevent many issues from arising due to the precipitation problem, and it may also keep your roof, attic and interior and exterior walls free from damage over a longer period of time.    
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