Insulate Your Home Before Winter Insulation is arguably one of the most efficient ways to reduce energy costs the year around. Whether made from solid brick, concrete or built with technologies used for lightweight buildings, uninsulated walls can leak up to half of the energy used for heating and cooling, making your home much more uncomfortable and much more expensive to have, but with proper insulation Lansing MI contractors install, your home will stay cool in summer and warm in winter without having to keep your air conditioner or your heater on all the time. Insulation helps you reduce your energy bills only if it is of the right quality, of the right thickness and if it is applied in the right places. The two main types of insulation are reflective insulation, used for deflecting radiant heat and therefore more common in hot climate areas and bulk insulation that forms an efficient heat barrier between the home interior and the exterior world and is suitable for hot and cold climates alike. The areas that need to be insulated to make sure your home is as energy-efficient as you want include not only the exterior walls – the ceiling, the attic, the floors and the water pipes also need to be insulated, otherwise you risk losing not only heat, but money as well.
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