Insulation Lansing Homes Important Heating and cooling bills usually make up over 30% of the overheads that households have to pay – if the building is not insulated or the insulation is not suitable in terms of thickness, type or quality, the related expenses are even higher. Insulation is a layer of material added to walls, floors and attics with the purpose of forming an energy barrier between the building interior and the exterior environment, therefore a great tool for making the building more energy-efficient:
  • Attic insulation – warm air rises up, so without the insulation Lansing MI homes need, the air that you have heated to maintain your home comfortable in winter will slip out through your ceilings. Attic insulation usually consists of a blanket of suitable material spread on the attic floor or of material sprayed onto the floor and the attic walls to keep warm air where it belongs: inside your home;
  • Wall insulation – this type of insulation is intended to improve the thermal resistance of your walls and to prevent heat from slipping through the surfaces that are in direct contact with the exterior environment;
  • Floor insulation – heat can slip out through the floor as well, so good flooring consists of one or several layers of insulation, the visible layer being installed on top of those insulating layers.
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